stainless steel cabinets and countertops for indoor and outdoor use

​​stainless steel kitchens, INC.


Our stainless steel countertops and both cabinetry lines are suitable for indoor use. Our Designer-MP Series gives the exterior look of stainless steel cabinets, but is the more economical version. The Designer-MP Series looks identical on the exterior to our Architectural Series, as shown on the picture on the right. The cabinet boxes are made of marine plywood material with a grey laminate to match the outside stainless, making it more economical than cabinets that are completely constructed of the stainless steel material. Granite and natural stone material complement the stainless material beautifully. The stainless material matches most major appliances. 

Our stainless steel countertops can also compliment wood cabinets very well (see second picture).  Enjoy preparing your favorite meals directly on the countertop. Place a grill top in the countertop without worries of damage from heat.

Our Designer-MP Series is currently unavailable  due to restraints in material availability. Our Architectural Series is and always will be available for purchase. Please check back with us for updates on the Designer-MP Series. If you have any questions,  please contact us through the CONTACT page.  Thank you.