stainless steel cabinets and countertops for indoor and outdoor use

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For those who are looking for environmentally safe products, with no adverse effects on the environment or the people in it, stainless is ideal.

It's recyclable, doesn't emit any pollutants, and is ideal for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

LEED Projects

We offer LEED products in our Architectural Series cabinetry. The Architectural Series has no core materials. We use only ultra low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) adhesives. Virtually all products are recyclable at the end of their lives.


We are a member of the US Green Building Council.
Green Attributes


All of our stainless steel material has recycled material. The recycle content of stainless steel is 65 to 80%. This is the typical amount of recycled stainless scrap used to make new stainless. The recycle rate for stainless is 60 to 85% re-melt. (Various grades have different remelt rates, depending on how common the grade is).

Non Toxic
Architectural Series: no outgassing.
Designer-MP Series: laminate reduces outgassing to a minimum.

Locally Made
Within 120 miles of Chicago. (Steel is purchased from Chicago or in some cases Michigan. Core cabinets in Designer-MP Series are purchased from companies with 30 miles.)

Green Manufacturing
No pollutants, chemicals, or contaminants required to form or assemble product.